Vision Statement:

To nationally be the premier fundraising logistic managers for veteran based community fundraising.

Mission Statement:

Provide community based fundraisers for veteran organizations, veteran causes, and unitedly for homeless veterans & homelessness prevention.

Need fundraising to support Veterans?

We got your 6!
Here are some examples of who we help raise donations for:
Veteran Organizations, non-profits with Veteran-subcomponents, sending care packages to deployed military, FRGs, Veteran scholarships, needs for children of Veterans, just want to support Veterans, etc...

Meet the Team

"We learned to always welcome our Veterans home, then realized they might not have one.  So we decided to help"


Daniel "Doc" A.P. Fitzgerald

Founder & Chair


Jessica Brooke Tilley

Founder, Co-Chair, & Household 6

Certified VA Veteran Care Giver
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Air Force Military Brat

Senior Harley-Davidson Sales Representative
(New & Used Harleys)

4 Years Country Club Events & Membership Managing

13 Years Beverage Administration & Marketing


Josh Reinstein

Director of Operations

United States Marine Corps
SGT, Afghanistan 2013


Andrew Brewer


United States Marine Corps